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In 2021, the executive team of the UGA Aviation Club thought what better way to get students in the air than a student pilot scholarship. The club had organized club trips and offered discovery flights for a few years, but the club needed a new means of inspiring the next generation of the world’s pilots.

The UGA Aviation Club is the only aviation organization on campus and is 100% student-run and funded by club members. The University of Georgia does not have an aviation program, thus the club serves as the sole outlet for students to discuss and learn about the various aviation industries and the career opportunities they provide.

When we launched our inaugural student pilot scholarship program, our goal was to raise just enough funds to get a student started in their training. We never imagined that a small student-run club would be able to make such an impact not only on campus but in the local aviation community. We look forward to the 2022 scholarship program and cannot wait to host members of the flying community again in Athens!