Founded in 2009, the University of Georgia Aviation Club is a student-run organization dedicated to supporting students interested in all facets of aviation by providing educational, professional, and recreational opportunities. 

Club events include fly-ins, cookouts, guest lectures from industry professionals, company tours, simulator visits, trivia nights, and many more.

The University of Georgia does not offer an official aviation program, which leaves the UGA Aviation Club as the main source for students interested in the many industries of aviation.

In 2021, the UGA Aviation Club hosted its inaugural Student Pilot Scholarship program to provide a student with the opportunity to earn their wings. The newly established scholarship program allows for continued growth in the aviation community and we hope to continue educating students on all that aviation has to offer!

The UGA Aviation Club has grown tremendously in the past years with the introduction of the annual Spring Scholarship and fly-in events. We are proud to have alumni working for corporate aviation, the airlines, and many other aviation related industries!