Meet the Team

President- Tripp Faircloth

Tripp is a fourth-year Marketing major from Savannah, Georgia. He serves as the chief officer of the club, handles alumni relations, corporate communications and strategic vision for the club. Tripp has his instrument rating and is currently working on his commercial license. Tripp would love to become a demo pilot one day.

Vice President- Weston Bell

Weston is a fourth-year Management major from Athens, Georgia. He assists the president and flight coordinator in club activities regarding all flying and networking done through the club. Weston also works at DragonFly aviation in Winder, Georgia, and is working on his commercial rating. He has his instrument rating and wants to fly for a living one day.

Treasurer- Mick Pattison

Mick is a fourth-year from Peachtree City, Georgia, studying Finance and Aerospace studies. He works with all other officers to manage the club’s budget and subsidize flying. Mick also serves to develop a relationship with Synovus, our banking partner, managing our online banking account. Mick has his private pilot license, is currently pursuing his instrument rating, and would love to fly in our military one day.

Vice President of Public Relations- Amelia Green

Amelia is a third-year from Milton, Georgia, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in English and a Sports Media Certificate. She serves the club by making all promotional materials and graphics while maintaining the club’s social media platforms. Amelia received her private pilot license when she was 17 years old and continues to fly in her free time. She hopes to combine her passion for aviation with her interest in Public Relations in her future career.

Flight Coordinator- Lucy McCance

Lucy is a second-year Mechanical Engineering major from Cumming, Georgia. She serves the club by planning ways to get members into an aircraft and up in the sky, handling logistics, and gauging members’ aviation experience. Lucy has been a licensed private pilot since August, 2019. She aspires to combine her engineering degree with her love for aircraft in her future job, and she dreams of owning her own small plane to fuel her passion for general aviation.

Vice President of Recruitment – Zach Sloan

Zach is a fourth-year from Canton, Georgia, studying mechanical engineering. He serves the club by organizing recruitment events and raising club awareness. He also works as a lineman at the Athens Ben Epps Airport and frequently assists with UGA athletics’ charter flights and is always looking for networking opportunities for the club within the general aviation community. Zach is training toward his private pilot’s certificate and wants to eventually have a career as a pilot.

Club Advisor- Dr. John Knox

John is a twentieth-year from Birmingham Alabama, professing Geography and Atmospheric Sciences at UGA during that time. He serves as the faculty advisor of the club, which he’s done since 2009. Mostly this means signing off on some paperwork, attending as many meetings as he can, supporting the officers in their work, and making connections that come from being in Athens and in aviation meteorology for a couple of decades. John is neither an aviation meteorologist per se nor a pilot; he got into the subject of clear-air turbulence forecasting because of a random question from a stranger at a scientific conference during his Ph.D. research in the mid-1990s. Since then he’s helped develop a couple of new CAT forecasting methods, and even won the T. Theodore Fujita Research Achievement Award from the National Weather Association in 2010 for this work.  John loves assisting students in extracurricular groups and hopes to stay on as advisor for as long as he’s a help and there aren’t better options for the club.  He also teaches a class on Aviation Weather Hazards periodically at UGA; how often depends on student interest and time in his schedule, so let John know ( if you’re interested!